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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Legal Central American on Illegal Immigration

Amerika has a ugly, delusion on who are the illegals, who are "aliens" and the civil war in El Salvador, that as a result brought over countless of Salvadorian Indians to find refuge in the North Americas.

When "Americans Founding Fathers, pilgrims and pirates" came to this side of the pacific ocean in search of gold in the seven cities and throughout the whole damn continent including Mexico, which is now California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, etc; we, Native Brown Melanin dominating Indigenous peoples, failed at providing the same treatment as our people, those who blood is in this soil now colonized by English speakers, experience then and still yet, being treated today.

They say they won the war fair. They had weapons that killed people, their stocks and even today, flying birds just for hobbies while we live in a wealthy country that has massive of homeless mothers and children, empty buildings and not too mention, homeless disabled Vets that risked body parts for this great Saint or Satan.

Won a war fair. Although, we were nomadically, naked delighted to intake the sun energy while we went and hunted and gathered our own food peacefully. Won a war fair, although the weapons these english and spanish colonist had to our rocks and tree made knives couldn't compare.

Won a war fair, although, we signed our land that was ceased by non natives forcefully and had unknowingly sold acres to these new settlers for 1 pesos or for $16 dollars because the documents were in English a language FOREIGN to the Indigenous peoples of  America we now call a mere Mexican.

The smallest country in Central America - so they say - El Salvador, during the civil war, which was aided by the US & The UN, took the lives of 75,000+ Salvadorians either by guns, disappearance or relocation/refuge.

The Socioeconomic inequality burden that Americans in Central America face . I always wonder, why are they called "Central Americans" if they don't have the same rights as Americans in the North? Reminds me of slaves and black people in the south trying to freed to the North. What's the difference isn't this the same shit?

As a "Legal" Central American here, and I use the term LEGAL loosely, because this term only apply to the politricks behind this demonical game of the dirtiest muthafukas that we pay respect to because of how they dress, cars they drive even tho they are as soulless as the ones who came to take over land that provided every earthly source imaginable.

But as someone who is a resident here, I no longer watch TV because of the poision it instills in everday struggling Americans who are easily influenced that brown people are illegal or aliens even tho, we all know non brown people came here to discover those same looking brown people they calling immigrants.

Just becos we cross over on feet, utilize the Creators dirt floors rather than coming over on ships in the sea, don't make us a criminal. AMERIKA is OUR HOME to us BROWN INDIGENOUS NOMADIC PEOPLES.

#CNN want to have all white Politicans and maybe one black lady and a democrat (to make us feel all a little better, minorities are present) don't mean shit and they want to talk about #Immigrationcrisis as if their forefathers didn't immigrate from across oceans to take Earth wealth that we already amongst ourselves shared.

As a Central/South/North Nomadic decendent, it is disgusting to see all the benefits these New Citizens, New Mexico, New California residents have reap.

To those whites now who say "we didn't own slaves, we weren't here in those days" and to have the recessiveness to even to say,"get over it", only shows the inherited bigotry that their forefathers, news stations, media and everything else "majority" driven.

Everyone knows, the past is the present and this is a reflection everyday when you turn on your television and they want to call my people illegal or aliens, just no respect for humanity and for the melanin they take from us to turn into synthesis melatonin to help them sleep better from their ill conscious behavior.

They say the border isn't secure. I been hearing this same gimmick since I was a teenager. 10 presidents before Obama was talking about the borders and with the minutemen taking it upon themselves to protect the border, you still mean to tell me it's not secure enough?

What's not secure is the killers in the US by rich, depressive, uncool teens and policeman taking out their madness on US Citizens and students.

As a brown female, watching the hatred dispel is my only American Dream at this point becos were my people belong is fukn everywhere, we were Nomadic then and that will never change.

MAY THE EARTH SUN & NATURE PROTECT US becos how many of our people belong to the NRA, National Rifle Association?

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