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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The 3rd Eye in Melanin

PictureMelanin Hue Chart
Melanin is considered Hueman beings "3rd eye" the Substance chemical that is located in the Center of your Mid brain. Melanin is ubiquitous, found everywhere. All Earthly natural entities have Melanin. Melanin is beyond just providing Color to the Iris, hair & Skin. When describing Melanin, it's most important attributes are just about always left out. This leaves out massive vital information on all the attributes Melanin role play's in our daily lives. The Sun plays a massive role in rhythmic people, cultural tribes, indigenous peoples, their essence and overall performance's & strength's of people with the Melanin protein. Melanin is activated by the Sun & keeps people of color alive by activating the Pineal Glands, through the skin, that allows Melanic People to continue living healthy life's. The Sun was once known to fight any infection or sickness just by letting the sun light energy concentrate into our pineal glands via our skin organ. Sun rays do not cause cancer to people of color, in fact, The Sun rays is exactly what Melanical people need in order to live in the Natural world as Natural inhabitants to planet Earth.

Melanin is also important to our eye sight and it's strength, how we see things and color. Melanin is what brings color to the surface of things and it's color creations range in all color things brown to green. The creativity in Animals skin also is because of Melanin! Colorful animals like "Black Frogs" & Butterflies with the most creative designs & colors are all examples of what Melanin can create in people of color and things of nature. After the Sun sets, Melanin is known to be most productive during the hours that are considered the "devils playground" hours. 11-2 am. During these hours the body should be at it's most comfortable rest, in REM [Rapid Eye Moment] usually around it's 3rd dream as the body does magic and it is important for people of color to know this so they can properly take care of the body - naturally not artificially by man made chemicals and medicine that may counteract toward Melanic People.

There is a different between Melanic People, those who possess Melanin and those who don't, non melanical people usually Albus. Melanin is responsible for gene's, characteristics, traits in people of color and those who may share this Nigra substance are most likely very similar, regardless of region or language spoken. All Melanical people are united by Melanin and therefore, realistically, should be classified, if not politically, by this instead of racial division that simply does just that, divide. Melanin is the reason behind the country named Melanesia and it is also referred to many different "Melanin [] Species by such. Melanin is in every living organism and is absent in albinism which also includes the albino classification Europid's. People of color and non people of color are different by the outer appearance and also by the inner make up of who we are as hue man people. Love you, Love your Melanin. B Melanic!

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