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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sing it & feel it! Things you should do that will make you feel good


How do you feel today? If you are not feeling like yourself, it could be because of the weather or it's just one of those days
We all have them. 
Good thing is, you can do things that will make you feel good and these are some of the things.

Some things that make me feel good is going to the park, going on a walk just me, myself & I. Sometimes with my own personal thoughts & sometimes with some music to help me not to work up too much thoughts. 

When I wake up and notice I am not feeling like myself, I dress to impress that day. I put on my best (on any day of the week) & I let it carry me. I put on my cloth & accessorize because accessories always make someone feel a whole lot better!

Colors are mood stimulator, you ain't know?

They are. Get the bright blue/teals, yellows & fuchsia's or any other neon colors out & let it draw you! Put on your favorite ring or bracelets & do your hair like you have been wanting to.

Later on in the day, go to the Art district & see the colors that painters paint with & picture your life as if you were drawing on your own canvas.

Take a dare! I never have done karaoke but when I did, I was hooked! Music, besides colors, also are great mood enhancer & when my favorite song came on I felt as if I was Alicia Keys, Beyonce & Whitney Houston. Yep, I did all 3 Artist & I can't tell you how good I felt afterwards. I was having fun & it felt good! Can't you tell? 

Then, think about this when your body is winding down. Your life may have had you down earlier but tell me it couldn't be worse or that it ain't going to get any better?

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