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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dr. Nina Jablonski lecture on Melanin & Darwinism

Picture  Did you watch Dr. Nina lecture on Melanin & Darwinism. What did you think? (If you didn't, you can watch it here Skip to 12:35 if you wanna get right into it!) It may b a couple of things I would probably need some clarification on... but most of the major facts I would have to say I agree with. I loveeee when she says people like Obama shouldn't b behind desk doing desk jobs! She's right! We should be in the Sun! Under it, around it, shade from it, just outside captivating the energy & absorbing it. This is nature & the sun is what gives us ultimate health & life! Love to hear your thoughts! On US President Barrack Obama & his skin complexion:

"He resembles very closely people with modern pigmentation who live in Africa or Southeast Asia. These people have a tremendous potential to tan & develop pigment as a exposure to sun..but they also run the risk of vitamin d deficiency if they have desk jobs like that guy. Let's all wish for his great health & his awareness of his own skin pigmentation". 

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