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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marcus Bookstore, Oldest Black Bookstore in the Nation dedication Poem

San Francisco Cali, Marcus Bookstore is important to keep in it's own right it's a living legacy. It's important not only what I read but who telling the story to me. 

Black owned bookstores need to stay on heap, black owned bookstore's are as important as the author is to the books I read. I read and I continue to seek when I go to this black owned bookstore that treats me like family. I go to this bookstore to read coming on home soon, hurricane song, stolen legacy.

All things censored, Not yet. Yvette, Joseph and the warmth of other suns. 

Would these book be available for me to read comfortably at Borders or Barnes and Nobles?

Black owned bookstores represent more than bookshelves filled with hardcover or softcover book scales. The Richardsons put up their home to bail out students who were arrested for their participation on, you guessed it, some shit racist.

Black owned bookstores demonstrate unity and asserting that what I read is and will be good for me, liberating for the mind, soul and the body, most likely, at least, this is my experience with this CALI bookstore.

These books in black owned bookstores will be observed and most likely glanced at by the owners themselves since we most likely will have the same interest on books that are written by the same damn Melanin man or WO.

As in WOman, I mean, see I read, word.

Words, black owned bookstores providing content of intellectual lecture to the young minds that it created the whole bookstore for.

Please, baby, please stop making this location a business when it begun as our neighborhood baby and we watched it grow.

Books I found at this Black owned bookstore were good for me and I know because I trust the source.

Eyes of the heart, wonderful Ethiopian of the Ancient Cushnite, J California cooper and more, need to read more?

Home of the original bop city, oldest black own bookstore in the nation and because of a bill it's doors could be closed?  

I never met Marcus but through his books I was able to meet him.

The  Philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey changed Mr & Ms. Richardson outlook too. Learning the legacy of consciousness with this aged black book store that always has a good book stored.

Their is a legacy in our history and historically this also includes Marcus Book stores.

The faces behind this bookstore is what makes the books more extraordinary and a necessity for the young and the old.  

This is what it means and what it do to keep this bookstore in our community where others can come to this Nation oldest bookstore and like me who begun going here as a kid to explore and then before I know it turning 34 and still going here to buy more books from this same bookstore. ​

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