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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Did Bob Marley die from Melanoma?

Even though it is uncommon for people of color, especially darker pigment people to develop the skin cancer called Melanoma, it can occur, allegedly, in the case of how Bob Marley died. Or is it so rare that this wasn't the case with Bob Marley's death? Did Bob Marley die of Melanoma or from the poisonous wired boots given to him by a former German SS Agent?

The melanoma theory reads that The late Rastafarian, Reggae Artist Bob Marley was one of those rare cases where this type of cancer took a melaninated person life. According to others, however, they refuse to believe that the root of Marley's death was skin cancer in toe nail and instead died from being poisoned with a carcinogen needled placed in boots given to him by a CIA agent and later treated by a former Nazi experimentalist in Germany until his death.

It's report that Melanoma is about 10% hereditary and you are at risk if at least one of your parents is albus, Latin for white. 

Bob Marley, born Nesta Robert Marley, father was a white British plantation overseer who was at least 30 years older than Marley's Jamaican mother (most likely who he met at the plantation) and wed when she was a mere teen no older than 17 or 18 years old.

Despite reports that Bob Marley died from the spread of cancer after declining amputation to his toe nail and possibly right foot due to the infection, that grew after years of having an injured and detached toe nail, the mere fact that one of  parents were white is not totally out of the question and neither is the speculations that he was murdered for possibly being "the most dangerous black man in the world".

It is said, Bob Marley died from a skin infection to his toe nail after it was damaged while playing soccer. It could of been amputated but because of Marley beliefs he refused the removal of his big toe.

I knew that Bob Marley died from cancer but I would of never thought of this kind. Nonetheless, people that don't have darker skin, darker hair and eye color are still at a much higher risk of developing this skin disease than people with darker features.

Whichever theory may be the source that sent Bob Marley to his grave, Bob Marley died in 1981, the same year I was born, reportedly from a malignant disease called Melanoma.

The spread of Melanoma causing brain cancer, lung, liver and stomach caused the death of Bob Marley at age 36.   

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