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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Melanin and Chloride. Why eat Green & how to eat green

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    Melanin and greens go hand in hand. If you are not eating enough Chloride, green pigment, these are some reasons why you should. For whatever reason, we are educated; taught and brought up, to discourage vegetables, "greens". 
    It is portrayed usually tainted and dreadful on just about anything (on ADs, Movies subliminally) to not like vegetables or consider them distasteful and to oppose them rather than embrace and eat them, right? 
    How many "subliminal" messages do we see on TV  of kids sitting at their table being forced to eat them? I know for a fact that this is done with ill intentions because greens is what hueman beings need in order to fight off all the toxic this society has shaped into our environment. 
    We have been deterring, embedded constantly to believe "educated - taught" visually through commercials and examples to not partake or enjoy greens, vegetables. 
    This reason is exploratory since not digesting enough greens is almost life threatening. Sending an unpleasant message at such an early age (to not like greens) only is beneficial to the ones embedding this message because it's not good for the hueman body to go without greens but it is an easy and open gateway to deteriorating your organ and making it immune to diseases, viruses, infections by weakening your immune system & your overall health & body.

    The only thing besides water natural hueman beings need is color in their digestions and just about anything green. They prefer you eat a steak or chicken that is the worse at breaking down food energy and most likely will clog your arteries before any gives your body any nutrient or protein. 
    A salad or GREENS shouldn't be an Appetizer or a "side" item, NO, GREENS SHOULD BE YOUR MAIN MEAL. You want to take care of your body the most natural way possible if you are a person of color, especially. 
    The reason is because of people of color abundance of Melanin, the reason they are black and brown dominating. Chlorophyll is not only the pigmentation of vegetables, predominately green, it also contributes to how you will live since it absorbs the same light (sunlight) as huemans do & that light in turn turns it into energy (much like it does with hueman beings in day light). Greens also, not only support your immune system its improves it.

    Read more on: Why Plants are Green @wisegeek

    [Due to its green color, chlorophyll absorbs only part of the available light, so it might be asked why plants do not use a pigment that can use all the available energy: such a pigment would be black, as it would absorb all the light that strikes it].
    How to eat greens

    You can eat greens, raw, cooked, boiled, steamed, grilled, in liquid (shakes). You can eat & cook greens just like you would with meat but in less time since cooking usually doesn't retain all the nutritional values (fiber, minerals, protein, calcium, folate and potassium, vitamins A, B, C & K - everything man made chemical pharmaceutical drugs can't and will never do). 
    You can eat greens by themselves (spinach, kelp, mustard greens, cucumbers, etc) or together in a salad tossed with romaine lettuce, or you can eat greens cooked right along with some fish like salmon, or shrimp, or in a bowl with some wild rice or whatever favorite cuisine you like. Like ranch dressing? Dip cauliflower florets or broccoli in it! 
    Greens, red, purple, green or cream, all just about taste good. Try tossing them with salt & pepper or salad dressing, some olive oil & lemon juice, or with some fruit seasoning like the one below! You are suppose to have greens in your daily dietary. Greens are good for life now and for longevity!   

    Note: It's amazing how many "cures" are associated with natures plants like aloe vera & marijuana yet, they still say they have no scientific claim to the benefits? How much more needs to be proof? Picture
    Alegra Foods product, Fruit Seasoning

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