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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reproduction, the male species & synthetic babies in a synthetic modern world

60 yrs ago synthetic chemicals were futuristic., Since then thousands of man made compounds have been created. Of the 80,000 chemicals in use, about 85% have never undergone testing for the impact of the human body! That means all the chemicals in baby items like baby bottles, can goods, beverages, plastic containers even personal care items & hair care products like shampoos & conditioners all contain chemicals that are being released into the air we breath...have never been tested for the affects on human beings and what it will do to them then and in longevity. "When you put lotion on where does it go? It doesn't go into the air, it goes into your body". It penetrates into your skin. "We have covered the Northern Hemisphere...[Related article here]

Infertility Rates are Rising as Sperm Counts Drop

One couple in the film described the waiting room at their infertility clinic as similar to an emergency room – packed with lines extending down the hall. Infertility is more common than many think these days. An estimated 1 in 6 American couples struggle with getting pregnant each year1 and there's compelling evidence that hormone-disrupting environmental chemicals are partly to blame.

The problem with low sperm counts has become so severe that the World Health Organization has had to continually drop what’s considered a ‘normal’ sperm count to lower and lower levels over the last several decades, lest too many men be classified as infertile. Chemicals that may disrupt sperm count


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