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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"We are no longer the Illegals - YOU ARE" Donald Scrump

Donald Trump is causing more ignorance and verbally declaring war on Mexicans allowing whites to display their lack of common sense and be abusive emotionally and verbally to Mexicans. Using them for their labor building these nice, sophisticated apartments for whites to live in then threatening them with calling Immigration. Talk about cheap labor? Many US Companies "hire" Mexicans from Mexico to come to the US and work seasonal. Many US Companies also talk about being a Proud American, arrogant about the USA yet, products still are manufactured in China. Donald Trump is a bigot along with the rest of the non-Melanin Politicians that always use this "Immigration Reform" hot topic to stir up more oppression on the Melanin race.

Mexicans are one of the Original Native Tribe's of the North American Continent. Arizona, Texas and Mexico, to name a few, was once Mexico as early as one hundred years ago. Arizona just celebrated its centennial in 2012. Before Texas, Arizona and California, named after Indigenous words, became these states, they were Mexico land filled with a whole bunch of MEXICANS. The Indigenous people now, known as Mexicans but classified as a Caucasian/White Race are considered Illegal yet, the ones doing the Name calling, like this Scrump, are not. "We will no longer be the illegals".

90% of Mexicans DNA lineage is Native Americans. He is not Native to this land. He is not Aztec, Olmec, Nahuatl, Mixtec or Zapotec. We are no longer THE ILLEGALS. Who constitutes who is an Illegal, who is not an Illegal? Because we have our own interpretation on what is an Illegal and that is the white race in what they call the New England as known as the United States.

Right now, as a Brown, Indigenous Female, I feel Donald Trump is declaring war on my people, the Mexicans by threatening millions to be deported just like the illegal deportation in the early 1930's, during the Great Depression of Mexicans, both American and Mexican born citizens. Because of this action, the US should still be showing remorse but instead continues to terrorist the brown Mexican people who pre-dates the lineage of whites in New England.

Immigration Reform is true reform when;

  • First, the Hispanic/Latino terminology is ceased and classified as Indigenous of Mexican Origin. 
  • Second, the classification of Mexicans under the White/Caucasian Race should be completely eliminated and voided. 
  1. Mexicans should be addressed legally as, Indigenous Americans of Mexican Origin. 
  • American Whites need to openly and admittedly give a formal apology, as the British did to the Black Australian Aborigines for stealing their younger generations, to Mexicans for the illegal deportation of millions of US and Mexico born citizens. They were deported, some to a country they have never been, all to create jobs for Americans. This was illegal and until we publicly recognize that especially during a crucial time in American History in the year 2015, we will continue to be mislead on who the real illegals are. Many people have not forgiven, the military enforced, deportation of Mexicans that the US government did not even one hundred years ago. "Immigration Reform" same discussions that we hear every single campaign for Presidency. Donald Trump is disrespectful and Immigration reform is a continuous disrespect against my people. If he wins, this whole country will prove it's racist. 
Support True Immigration Reform by signing the petition here 

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