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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blackamoors & Black-Americana History

Blackamoor figure head pin | Spain Blackamoor exotic figure | Moor coats of arm Germany

See the worth? They range from $2,250,00 on up into the thousands. They are 'Blackamoor' art that depict rich in dark hue figures draped with gold and silver body ornaments, diamond and precious stones. Who where these people that value would some up to these amounts? They wore head crowns, jewels and turbans. Who where they and who are they formed after?

Who were these figures with exotic bodies called the Blackamoors? These can be seen all throughout Europe, especially in Sicily, Spain and Italy. The Blackmoors art considered appreciation in poor taste, was an example, when used as decorative during Dolce & Gabbana fashion show Spring 2013 where one of their white models modeled a pair of blackamoor head earrings.

Throughout many places in Europe, The Moors are not only on countries coat of arms (as seen above) but also on furniture and on paintings that hang on white's walls. She, a black women with a coke shape, red signature lips, the original to the replicated marilyn monore, can be seen around necks on pendants, on pins pinned to their sweaters and glorified. The opposite of what black people are seen like in America.

Many might take offense of whites wearing black "exotic" figures as they have done in Europe since the late 18 hundreds and seen well into the early 1960s, in the UK. But I come to find we should respect this admiration because this is true black history. Much like pop music in America with R&B Hip Hop Influences yet, that is not recognized. In the UK, however, MOBO, Music of Black Origins is an annually award show that pays attribute, again, in a respectful manner to Black Culture.

They were romanticized and appreciated, yes, the exotic race. The race of people where women hips don't lie so she can breed as much as she likes cause them hips can handle the babies she carries. The lips, the cheek bones, eye shape and the skin color of the Melanin Exotic race. They adore these adornments. They have a different view on the "blacks" aka moors. Look at the differences. These statues show wealth, class, symbolizes kings & queens and notable figures. This is outside the US.

Black Moors

America reproduces illustrations of black people with less than flattering lips and represent them distastefully, inferior and disrespectfully. Look at Black-Americanas Figures in the US. These are what black people are shown like and therefore, it's no surprise why they get treated in this way.

Black Americana

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