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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Master Gland or Third Eye, your Pineal Gland

Melanin is released from the Pineal Gland that is located in the center of the brain hidden almost in a cave behind the pituitary gland. The pineal gland secretes Melanin and also Melatonin. Melatonin is stimulated by darkness and awakened by light controlling your natural body waking and sleeping cycle. It also plays an intimate role in  your reproductive cycle and hormone production. The Pineal Gland is recognized world wide, with new age as well as Indigenous Cultures. It is known as the Pineal Gland but also known as your third eye, the windows to your soul and in animals, who pineal gland is visible and is located either in the middle between the eyes or on top of their heads sometimes seen with retina and lens and it's oval in shape. This seat of the soul, as often referred, has the ability to see beyond the physical touching into the senses of the consciousness.

It's found in Melanin possess humans and many animals in the kingdom from tigers to frogs, lizards to dogs, fishes to sharks to some of the oldest fossils found. The role the Pineal Gland plays in Animals involve their hibernation, metabolism, breeding and also their reproductive system. The Pineal Gland is known as the body's organ and without the Pineal Gland the body would not properly function. The Pineal Gland mid lines in the brain communicating with the nervous system. The pineal gland is the size of a grain of rice and has a reddish hue. It is still found to be mystical, psychic and metaphysical not being able to be fully understood yet by practitioners of medicine and science. In this practice, many believe that because the Pineal Gland is so deep, it has to be part of the ancestral organism that overtime have degenerated or lost the ability of primary functioning roles due to de-calcifying with fluoride and other chemicals that harm and age the Pineal Gland. 

Charles Darwin in The origin of Species, mentions the pineal gland as inherited from ancestors. Sunlight activates your skin, as a result your skin tans, signaling activity to the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland may never, like Melanin, be fully explained. What is known, (as the Pituitary gland) that the Pineal too, is referred as a 'Master Gland'  and it's just that, it's grand deriving from royalty. The Pineal governs the whole entire system of the human and animal function. The Pineal secretes the brown pigment Melanin and just like Melanin individuals need chlorophyll, the green color pigment found in fruits and vegetables, so does the Pineal Gland. Two of the best ways to feed your Pineal properly, is by one receiving the sun, in-taking it in either through your skin or through your pupils and by eating anything that is healthy and green.  

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