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Saturday, August 1, 2015

American Apparel Day Laborer Camp

American Apparel was started by a Jewish Canadian named Dov Charney in 1989. In 2000, they moved to a factory that is currently located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA., the one shown below with busted out windows in a dull dark building with small windows and a banner on the side of the building that reads, "Legalize LA" (and that building is the subject in this topic). 

FYI: Dov was terminated from his position in 2014 as CEO of American Apparel after a string of class action lawsuits brought on by his female employees.

There are stores like American Apparel that sell in uptown, high end locations, you know, in demographics where they market more to the higher, expensive in taste class.  

Usually, in non Melaninated concentrated neighborhoods. In parts of the city that look like this: 
American Apparel Store Front

But you would never suspect that places that sell high priced clothes like American Apparel and be in locations like this: 

American Apparel

Actually come from a factory that you wouldn't have guess manufacturers the clothing. In buildings that look scary from the outside so one can only imagine what goes on inside. American Apparel in 2005 earned over $211 Million in revenues and hire undocumented, under the table immigrants.

Below is the production manufacturing   
In sweat looking shops like this, you wouldn't expect places that charge some what of a high end price like American Apparel or Forever 21 here but they are. Here in these sweat shop with little windows and ventilation you will find, usually, women of color of Mexican and Indigenous Hispanic Origins slaving away putting on the labels and pieces into clothing that is going to be sold for more than their daily pay. Imagine, where the clothes you wear come from. This is the place.  

American Apparel Factory in Los Angeles

American Apparel Sweat Shop in LA

Ever been in a "sweat shop"? Probably not.

More than 50,000 garments, to countless of different brands, go into production at this manufacturing 800,000 sft seven story building that is gated, closed to the public and can only be entered by security or gate code access.
American Apparel Factory Gated no entry

Forever 21 Factory

 Picture working in places like this & then going to super malls in "white neighborhoods" that only sell the best to the best in products, designer brands & good like Sprinkes cupcakes that can only be found in Beverly Hills, California & Scottsdale, Arizona.
Sprinkles Cupcakes | American Apparel

 American Apparel claims to have the capability of producing more than 1 million shirts per week. Made in the USA but with integrity? Next time you go into a store inside the mall or visit stores like this..

Inside American Apparel

Think about the people behind the store front and think about to who your money is really going to. 


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