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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beyonce Formation and WHY THEY HATE IT!



make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve or make better

Laws reform, why can't Beyonce? She's a Political Figure!

"I like my baby hair wavy and Afros... Jackson 5 nostrils"

Napoleon soldiers went around knocking off, blowing up or shooting down all the noses that resembled Black features

worldwide AND THEY MAD!

They did it here to the Olmec

and the great Spinx of Giza

Negro pronounced, NE GRO in English,

Negrium pronounced NE- GRUM in Latin,

Magros in Greek

Negro pronounced, NI GRO in Spanish

So, come again on Beyonce being Racist?


They just want you to keep chopping at your thick nose and relaxing down that thick hair to continue to show a society that they have done a good job with all this self hate. That's why they mad at Beyonce.

How Beyonce brought in 2016 is the most amazing thing she can do. The fact that Beyonce is being called Racist is so recessive and just prove America is still Oppressive as ever and senseless. There is nothing that she has done has been oppressive, hateful, belittling, inferior to cause this on another race. Laws reform, she is attempting to reform and improve a society that has been formed that everything weaker and diluted is better.

Formation means to form a political social change. They lyrics are meant for you. She embodies a Melanistic person. This song is needed for everyone who has wavy, spiral hair who has the best kid of grade of hair. Nappy means strong coiled. Your hair gets energized by the sun as skin do. The Fiji Islanders base beauty on Afros and it is amazing Beyonce is promoting this love worldwide because all over we have been formed to believe that we are inferior and not good enough. When you have nappy thick hair, that's Melanin. When your skin is brown and darker in hue it is Melanin.

I hope the younger generation will become inspired and love their natural stage. When I see weaves and wigs on girls, it saddens me that they have been conditioned to not love the best things about them.

If you wouldn't put something on your skin, why on your head where it absorbs through your scalp and into your pineal gland?

Beyonce represents on this video two things that we have been taught for centuries to HATE: Hair and Nose.

There was an era where Whites went on a mission blowing up and shooting down every nose and lips that they seen on any artifact that had black features, two examples, The Great Spinx of Giza in Africa and the Indigenous Olmecs of Mexico in North America. Albus have created a whole system to break down the mental superiority of Melanin People, the most dominating Melanin

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