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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Be all of the White Woman you can be

Whether you are in the military or not, your role model growing up was most likely and most likely still is a white woman. That typically falls in this description of the standards of beauty in Western Civilization; The White woman of golden locks and bright blue eyes with pasty translucent skin. Isn't it? No, it is.

A white woman has been made to be the ideal standards of beauty in the American Society. In fact, not only in America. Unfortunately, the disease that went viral world-wide causing this haunting affect is global. How we are trained and molded to be like, is the white woman.

Sadly, there is nothing desirable about them. Blue eyes is a mutant, just like blonde hair is and pale skin is at risk of cancer because the man made chemically filled lotions and SPF still isn't strong enough to protect and/or absorb sun rays.

Learn Better, what you want to be ain't them.

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