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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Reason Hispanic People are Classified as Whites in America

Due to colonization we have all been conditioned to have a fucked up mind set. People who clearly have Melanin; like Hispanics and other nationalities like those from India, are obviously not White. But in the Americans US Census, they are classified as those among the White Race. The reason they are classified as Caucasians is just to make them the majority, we all believe the white race to be. Mexicans are the largest Hispanic population and adding this large group in a otherwise declining race, would make them the majority population.  

Mexicans and other Melanin dominating ethnic groups and brown Indigenous people not only are visibly different from Nordic, Western Caucasians but they are not even treated as their supposedly white counterparts. Caucasians came to this land mass, invaded the people, confiscated the land, took it from us then assigned us ghetto areas, carried deadly diseases on them and wrapped in blankets and just brought total destruction and chaotic-ness like turning brown people so white the brown Melanin Hispanic people have turned on themselves. 

Caucasians are not the majority anywhere; definitely not in the Americas and not even in Europe. Hispanics did not migrate from Europe, their not Latin, not from Rome, not from Hispaniola. 

We are Indigenous brown people from all over the Americas and pre date White Caucasians like Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, the illegal settler descendant. 

The only part of Hispanic we are is the part that we PANIC them. 

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