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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Ancient Origin of Melanin or Melania

The word Melanin may have a variety of derivations but one of its root origin is from the Greek word Melaina, which means the dark ones or black. The Greek Goddess, Melaina who bared the child of the Greek God Apollo is named after Melanin. Donald Trump Wife, Melania Trump, name is Latin and comes from Melanie, the french variation of what we know in English as Melanin. The name Melanie or Melania didn't make it to America from England. And by the end of the Middle Ages, it became rare. The word that is used to express black and brown hues and ranges of shade and hair textures, Melanin, is also absent from teaching Americans where their skin color shades and hair color and varieties comes from. 

 In Italy, the name Melania is very common and widely used in Italian speaking countries including countries in Africa. Melanina or Melania is the Spanish pronunciation of the English, Melanin. It's used to describe black and brown colors. Melanie originates from Melanin and so does the names Malinda, Mel, Melany, Melina and Mindy. It is very common for many German, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, The Slovaks and Spanish Females that name is Melania. Melanija is the Serbian spelling of the English Melanin and means a feminine beauty. Melania was also the name of the feminine Roman Saint who in the 5th century gave all her wealth to charity. The name Melania was also passed down to her from her great-grandmother, Melania the Elder, who shared the name. St. Melangell name also originates from the dark means, Melanin. 

In an Ancient City of Rome, St. Melania is celebrated with a Feast Day at the end of every calendar year, the 31st of December. St Melania, was born to Publicola and her mother who name was Albina. Albina comes from the root word to Albinism or Albino, which means having very little amounts of Melanin. Albus, another word to describe white (or insufficient amounts of Melanin) in Latin, was common in Ancient Rome as a family name. However, Melanin goes beyond the outer appearance of pigment that is produced by the cells in skin and tan when energized by the sun radiance. Melanin actually plays a huge and important existing role for the body to properly function and also plays a vital key role in emotions and in brain activities. Melanin, is also, what gives your Iris it's color and Melanin is the reason people have different eye color that ranges from hazel brown to a gold hue to black. Blue eyes have the very least amount of Melanin as in the case of hair that is blonde or red.

Those who have very little Melanin, usually this is a sign when you burn under the sun or can't withstand long periods under tropical or hot climates, have inherited recessive and mutated genes that was unable to properly develop the usual amounts of Melanin pigment cells. Melanin is secreted in what is considered the third eye, which is located in the center of your brain and comes in the form of a black dot located in the center of the brain and the ultimate window to the soul that is as spiritual and creative as the creator itself.

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