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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Standards of Beauty

Where do the standards of beauty come from? Why are so many different cultures so assimilate taken on the style of speaking, the customs and traditions of who we are taught to consider beauty. We hold up a pedestal to something that is a lower grade of who you are. We live in a society where white is right. We try to emulate something that really doesn't even properly function.

Where we get the standarization that beauty is white is from a German Anthropologist name Johannes Blumenbach who based the beauty of mankind on skulls and he also categorized the 5 races and gave the white race the term Caucasian. Blumenbach was considered a polymath, a person who knows much and was considered a great teacher. But he believed all people are born red and that color didn't apply to just a certain variety. He contribute skulls, hair and things he gathered to the first worlds anthropology museums and noted that the Caucasian skull of a Georgian Woman was the most handsome and this became the pedestal for diluted women. 

His theory also was that the most beautiful people came from Georgian people in Mount Caucus, because of the skull. Johannes taught that it could be fairly assumed that whites are the most primitive color of mankind and that animals and plants were also white. Because whites could tan and because who were already tan couldn't go back to a recessive color as white, he believed that that was beautiful and he along with every other anthropologist backed his idiotic logic. 

What really is beauty is Melanin and the 30+ shades that Melanin distributes rather than the 7 the albus race carries. Hair texture and grade is beauty because it's Melanin. Beauty is Melanin and that should be every Melanic female standards to beauty. Not the fairest, the most Melanated.

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