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Sunday, September 20, 2015

You were born with the silver spoon, scientist say

The modern society is a privilege society where rights aren't a thing anymore.

Because the tropical darker hair braun (brown or marron), makes a living growing on trees, his livelihood so easily obtainable without having to make much effort, tends to become lazy or sluggish. Lolling under the palms, he by nature is a dreamer, a dreaming thinker, living day dreaming. It is important to note that nearly every mother religion and philosophy originates in or near the equatorial zone among-st the Melanins. 

The blondes, natural inhabiting in the North, had to work harder for a living. That made him strong, running to the physical instead of the Intellectual. 

The Topeka Daily in 1921, goes on to say: 

Time was, during the Ice Age when all folks lived near the equator brunettes, ventured north after the ice retreated causing them to lose the melanin pigment which was no longer needed as protection against tropical suns. They became blonde and also developed long nostrils to warm the cold air before taking it into the lungs in contrast to the snub nose of the tropical brunette. 

In the early stages of civilization blondes led the conquest of the earth. Brunettes stayed safely near the ample food and warm Sun of the tropics and mediating what their light-haired brothers were doing in the north, developed philosophies. Norseman first to explore unknown seas were blonds Rovers and aggressive fighters. That's why investigations by dr. Orr Edson showed that 90% of all modern sailors have white or blue eyes. It's also why so many polar explorer are blondes with Scandinavian names. With exception of albinos there no longer is any civilized blond type in pure state. So with brunette. In civilized nations every person it's a mixture of blonde and brunette. 

The brunettes retains his dark hair and eyes but his face has become bleached. And the so called blonde no matter how golden the hair how blue the eyes has something of the brunette temperament. The preliminary work of blondes and brunettes completed in the early stages of civilization nature is merging the two to restore balance - or a happy medium. 

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