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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Korean Women and US Women don't want their Melanin

I was watching this video on how in Seoul, South Korea, more cosmetic surgeries than anywhere else in the world are done. The number one things that made them unhappy and made them feel unpretty so they wanted to change the most was their eyes and their nose. They are brainwashed to think that altering their features they were uniquely born with will give them better career opportunities and a happier life.

Tiny, small holes are punctured where the second eyelid will be in attempt to change their Asiatic eye's from low, exotic and slanted to big and round like the K-pop stars that promote the double eyelid surgery. The surgery takes about 40 minutes and some procedures will be done without complications. But for some like, So yi yoon, a 19 year old Korean, facing long term consequences for what she tried to change for a social society that upholds big round eyes and smaller  noses as a beautiful and worthy of desiring and emulating.

While watching this, I thought, I can't believe the similarities of this disbelief. How our Black and Brown women in the Americas, in the western part of the world that K-pop stars in Korea wanted to sound like, dance like and be like and how the same people they wanted to look like there, our women here wanted to look like them too. We all know who,. the fairest of them all, white women. Koreans wants "westernized" eyes and pointy noses. Black women were Malaysian hair to Brazilian, Indian Hair while Black rappers in America rap to hip hop music but glorifying white, blond hair women on videos and mentions them on songs. The Latin community rather identify and mark white as their race when clearly their melanin dominates.

The images of white women constantly forced down our throats. These white women we see all around us; in Magazines, on Televisions shows, commercials on advertisement on billboards and in department stores posters, everywhere. In Spanish Telenovelas, all the actors are blonde hair blue eyed Spaniards and in China most cartoons characters resemble white people.

Everywhere, a white woman is seen as a trophy. I don't see how we could of fell for that trick though. There has got to be a better explanation to the psychological disorder that is affecting the mind and the emotional state of these people.

The most common hair color in the world naturally occurring is black/brown hair. Eyes that are as exotic as a  tropical island or an Asiatic flower, shaped in all kinds of almond size shapes are the most diverse and commonly found in millions of Indigenous, ancient tribes world wide. Kinky hair coils also range in the most admirable ways in the world and is the best hair grade to have in all hair colors and types. This is why thousands of hair styles are modeled on black hair only, because this hair is increased with melanin, hence; strong.

White skin is considered a mutation, blonde hair is the worse hair type in color and in texture. The stereotype of a blonde hair girl or woman to act ditsy or "stupid" is usually associated with blonde hair people because they literally are recessive. The expression, "having a blond moment" means truley that people with this hair color are "missing a link" therefore, they lack basic common sense because they lack what is needed to properly function including pigmentation and that is Melanin.  

We, all people of color, in the Melanin world are truly in a trans which literally starts with this; you are what you eat. You think so toxic because everything you do around you is.
What you watch on TV is toxic. What you are being told in school is toxic.
What you have learned about your self and your race has been toxic.
What you use to wash your hair, clean your face and body with and what absorbs to your bloodstreams by way of lotions lathering up nothing but poisonous chemicals have been proven to be, what?, toxic!

Most importantly, what you eat is not only toxic with long term health problems, it is cancerous and deadly causing not only physical disturbance but also psychological ones.

Your waist is called your waist because it is just that; your waste. Everything carried around for years not natural and man made filled with everything from injected, hormones filled meat to artificial colorings founded in everything that you put in your body is toxic and suppressing the brain in your gut, which suppresses your behavior patterns inside the brain in your head.

For the next 30 days, everything you have done before STOP doing and see a better improved YOU.  

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