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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blondes may not have so much fun

From what I see little blondes can dance, hols rhythm or creativity and to me, that's no fun.

Blondes suffer more than brunettes from summer heat says a Topeka Dr. The reason? Because blondes belong in the cold north while darker color haired people could adapt anywhere because of their melanin, especially thriving in tropical climates and near the equator. Brown and darker color pigments have in their skin melanin which protects them from the sun's blue actinic rays. 

Scientist have it figured out claiming that because the blonde type originated in Northern Scandinavian countries, melanin never developed because it didn't need any protection from the solar heat. Now that blonde hair people have migrated to continents where the sun beams, they are at risk of developing certain sun causing conditions like diseases and cancers (sometimes ending deadly) because they don't have the proper concentration of Melanin. Drinking Cow milk for the vitamin D calcium or taking Melanin supplements is their only source of obtaining the natural protection melanin secretes. 

Although this benefit of Melanin, however, scientist also claim that on the flip side to the gift of melanin, laziness and to become sluggish, not wanting to put much effort to do anything is also a melanin trait.  

Interesting fact: 
The coolest shirt is the black sateen, a darker color shirt. It insulates keeping out the heat. 

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