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Monday, April 27, 2015

Media Influence on Girls | Marilyn Monroe No Make Up

Image of self esteem

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926. She legally changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in 1956. It is reported the first time she signed an autograph as Marilyn Monroe, she didn't know how to spell Marilyn.

She was found naked and died from an apparent drug overdose at age 36 in 1962. She was married 3 times, first married at 16 years old. She was unable to give birth, had miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy. In her adulthood was in and out of psychiatric institutions up to her death, even was committed to a psychiatric ward 2 years before her passing. Her friends described her life as a lonely one and in several interviews you can see this was the truth. In her diary, she often wrote about feeling alone and saying she needs help and feels like life is coming closer to where all she wanted to do was to die.

She grew up with a mentally ill, divorced mother who worked at a film production company which still remains as one of the oldest operating studios first founded in 1929. Marilyn Monroe childhood she recalls, growing up in a tragic childhood, being abandoned by her mother and sent to live in foster homes.

But the Marilyn Monroe we know as the Superstar today wasn't always that sex symbol. She was reinvented to be the glamorous Blonde Bombshell. She went under psychoanalysis, had plastic surgery, her natural hair was red and curly and not into the late 1940's she bleached her hair blonde to start swimsuit modeling. She wore glasses and she never had a beauty mark or mole.

Marilyn Monroe as a teen

Today, Marilyn Monroe is seen as a striking beauty on Tee shirts, in media but Marilyn Monroe was molded to become this way. Hollywood turned her into a woman who may look pretty on the outside but inside she couldn't help but to feel any lonelier. Marilyn Monroe looks like Brittney Spears with no make up on, remember, with a little make up, you can look like a Superstar too.

Marilyn Monroe no make up

The Influence of media on students, girls and self-esteem is a disturbing one. Media glamorize women like her and others but behind all the make up, is a normal girl like you that faces her own challenges. When you look up to people like Marilyn Monroe, you are going to feel less self confident because you are in your natural stage, while women in the media have a whole make up team, making them up into this deceptive appearance.

The impact of social media on this illusion is a disruptive one. Everyday girls and women don't have a make up artist or hair team keeping up with their appearance. The image of self-esteem is not women that are on TV.

Self esteem and culture stems from within. Do not look in celebrities to fill the self-esteem mind. The negative impact of social networking and media is this hype.

Hollywood is a fairy land of all made up people like Marilyn Monroe. She had everything to the outsiders when in her own mind she was facing her own demons. Don't inspire to look like any celebrity. Do not wish to look like this person or that person because what is negative self esteem is this. Media influence on girls is a misleading impression of reality. If you have something physically wrong with you or that you are unhappy with, change it naturally from  within. Do not become a beautiful appearance outside when all the challenges you face linger in.

FACTS about Marilyn Monroe:  

Converted to Judaism for one of her husbands and offered to convert to Catholicism in order to marry her 2nd husband.

When her home sold, it was discovered by its new owners that her complete house was wired tapped.It is said that they had to spend over 100,000 dollars to remove all the tapping device in the home.

Hollywood Night Club Mocambo, wouldn't book Ella Fitzgerald because she was Black. Marilyn Monroe personally called the owner to have Ella booked and said she would be there every night front table row if they did, and they did.

She was related to Richard Nixon, George Bush and Franklin Roosevelt to name a few through her father bloodline.

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