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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bratz Dolls getting a Remix

When I was growing up, I played with barbie dolls. I played with long blonde hair barbies with coke shape bottles and a full face of make up on. I didn't understand or know any better. I was just handed the doll & had something to play with. When I got older, I asked my mom for some dolls that weren't white because whether they were my barbies or porcelain dolls, these dolls were usually the opposite of me & had either blonde hair or blue eyes or both. I knew in some conscious way, this would cause a self esteem issue in the long run when I asked for other choices of dolls to play with (I was like 8).

Watching lil' girls now playing with these full grown women dolls market to them, I don't see how their parents these days seem to not know any better. Dolls like Bratz dolls send a message to lil' girls. The message, it looks like they are sending to them, is "when you can, beat your face with a gang of make up".

I was watching this video called, "Tree Change Dolls", If I had a daughter, she would absolutely play with dolls that resemble what someone her age should be playing with.Clean face, no make up on, realistic clothes on. 

Tree Change Doll

Tree change dolls represent the youth, a child is that, a child & parents should stop by dolls to their daughters that promote lil' hoes. There is a drastic change between dolls in the market now and Tree change dolls. Look at the differences & share with any lil' girl you know, not responsible for her current fate.

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