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Friday, August 2, 2013

Australian Aborigines are the Mother Root of The whole Pacific

Aborigines are the mother land of the whole Pacific. This is true. Due to the Colonization & countless attempts of genocide and "stolen generations" of Aborigine kids then & now, Aborigines still are here HAVEN'T GOTTEN EXTINCT. No, they haven't and we haven't neither. We, Mexica Natives, Mayans & the lineage of Olmecs, We are still here. That's is our root & that's the truth.

Like the exploitation of Slaves, human properties of others who consider themselves superior so they are worked and used to death usually for free against their will, despite any weather condition, working for crumbs and to be dehumanized serving them, building for them, cleaning, cropping, laboring, taking care of their children many times for hours on end; in Australia... 

Contact with Colonist.

Besides our complexion & other similar features, this is another experience, tragic experience that still may occur just not broadcast on national television. We share this bond of bondage that was done to our people also. The New Stolen Generation & the identity loss when placing Indigenous children in Non Indigenous Homes.

Aborigine Tribes Men & Young Men now
It is estimated since Australia sorry day to these people for the "Stolen Generation" more Aborigine kids are being taken out of Aborigine communities and into Non Aborigine Homes.

"Mental/psychological health issues (e.g. depression, drug/alcohol abuse, suicide) come hand in hand with identity loss. It’s quite clear that DOCS (Queensland’s Department of Child Safety Service) and the QLD government as a whole, are acting as the proverbial ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. There’s no denying that alcohol/drug abuse, domestic violence and negligence are serious problems within many Indigenous families; for that we can thank the disease of colonization". Read more here

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