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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Colors can make you happy & those around you!

 Color is everything. Colors are the best ways to self express, ain't it? Look at these purpleish, pinkish hues?! Pretty colors aren't they? :) Make you feel cute? Of course, they do! Colors make you feel. Like Yellow makes you feel "brighter" becos you look brighter (right?) or Orange for "energy"? Or Black makes you feel cool & lighter (slimmer)? Or like how Blue is associated to "feeling blue or bringing you down" or red associated with intense & heat (maybe becos of fire or volcano?) or like green associated with money or feeling lucky. See? Colors can change your mood & to this day, this is another thing like Melanin that scientist can't prove why or what this reason is. Colors can bring out any outfit, any home, any hair color/style. Color is the closest thing to the rainbow. No, wait! Colors are the Rainbow! When you see or wear colors, red, blues, pinks, yellow., bright colors it is science that it makes you feel better & can even have the same reaction to someone who is looking at the colors on you! Wear colors! Will brighten you up & those around you. It's like Color therapy. :) B Happy

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