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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Types of Melanin and what should you should know about Melanin

What primary determines hue man beings skin make up is Melanin. Melanin is the prime determination of the skin tones of people of color. People that do not have black or brown skin or dark dominating eye color or hair color does not have a good source of Melanin production thus, not only having lighter skin but skin that is highly sensitive to the source of Melanin energy which is the Sun.

Melanin isn't only responsible for the pigmentation on natural black, brown or colorful hue's. There is EuMelanin of the skin and Melanin of the Brain. There is also Melanin in the iris and in the inner of our ear.

Our whole body functions on many different dark matters of Melanin. Your skin hue getting browner or darker is Melanin in the Skin and this is just one attribute of Melanin.

There is Skin Melanin but there is also another form of Melanin that is important to the overall brain functioning. This Melanin is called, Neuro-Melanin.

Having a conscious, being humble, naturally happy and even when you feel bad because of something you did, this Brain Activity or Brain Melanin is called Neuro Melanin.

Neuromelanin is also a dark pigment that is present in pigmented neuros. The center control that groups other parts with the central part.

Whites of all ages are more than twice as likely than darker pigment people to have hearing loss. This is due to the lack of Melanin. They comprise 90% of the population who suffer with hearing loss. According to the aging society, amongst the population with hearing loss, only 39% are in good or excellent physical health.   

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Without melanin coating the inside of your eye and throughout the iris, images passing through the pupil would "bounce" around and form a "fuzzy" image on the back of your eye; this is why people with albinism have poor eyesight. Read more here

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