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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More on Melanin: Hair Color

The most common hair color all over the world is black hair, no matter where in the world or the people ethnicity. Colors associated to black hair is almost infinite! Black hair is similar to Black or Melaninated people natural hair texture (& skin complexion while I'm thinking of it) being that it's not only the most common color but also the darkest & strongest. Black hair is the shiniest hair and has the thickest hair strands. These amazing benefits are due to the dominated gene trait of Melanin! (If you ain't know, now you do!) Black hair or darker hair colors have the largest amount of the two types of Eumelanin, black and brown.

My natural hair color is super brown or black and I loved it! But one day I thought I just wanted to switch it up and dye it lighter, less bold, maybe blonde!? (I thought). But after doing it twice myself at home, it wouldn't get lighter! I was like why is my hair so dark that it won't turn yellow?! This is why. I get it now, do you? How can you make something that has the upper hand or predominate secondary? If black color is the commander in chief how can I (or should I say why) would I want it lesser? I now (and have been) love my hair color because people do love it like I love it! I always get told how nice and thick my natural hair is and how beautiful it is.

When I found out this information or enlightened by it, I was amazed and then I thought no wonder it's so admired! It's Imperious! We should be arrogant about it and consider it Earth Royalty! Yeah, black or brown color! All together, skin color, hair color & texture! Know the damages done to your hair when bleaching it or artificially dying it? It's dangerous, basically, strips all your natural away! Is it worth it? Nope, but I understand wanting to switch it up so use Henna hair dye or other herbal dyes instead!

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