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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Perfect Model

Is the perfect Model to you the girl you see in Magazine's who look the most opposite of you? To me, they were when I was young and didn't know no better. Now, that I can see a bit more clear I understand that who they "model" to be like - really is me, my style & my peoples. Making us "The Perfect Models", but who gets that?

The perfect Model for you, any Melanic Women&Girl, is the women or girl who resembles & reflects you. The perfect model  is the one in love with who she is and who her people was and she displays it by showing it off to the world by culturally self expressing  with, but not limited to, accessories, custom designs of what she is: Tribal, tattooing/body art etc.  The perfect model is not the one we see in mainstream, posing with golden locks and  over sized men coats modeling a watch. These are paid models to sell you products, not the perfect model to life. Those aren't models; they are paid to influence your fashion sense although, the initiative ideas to their designs are usually developed by Melanical staff, the only difference is the name on the label. It is important to identify with your culture  by language and appearance much like their customs & tradition those in America's "Melting pot" have taken on.

Mainstream society, like music, tv, ads,  want the general public to buy their product but just about always cast white females, the fairest of them all, to model their products. Why do you then, purchase their merchandise if you find this to be valid truth? Why do we continue to watch Reality or singing shows (American Idol, X Factor, So you think you can dance) when we know they will be bias and give the mediocre "wanna be's" praises why making the original XI work just a tab bit harder but "don't sing too good just have fun with it". Why do they continue to show un equality & minority inferior-ism but still market to us? IT'S SIMPLE. BECOS WE WILL BUY 

Buy Melanic! Try it out! May cost a little more but your putting back into your community.. That's where it begins & where you play a part in becoming A PERFECT Model to the girls you "Model" for. 

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