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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What is Melanic Tees inspired to do?

Melanic Tees is inspired to be known for the Coolest Feminine Tees in Atlanta (& worldwide; but locally for now) opening a line of self expression, creative tees and accessories Boutique Cafe Shop in The City by the Summer of 2013. We, not only, design our own Cool Self Expression Tees for you to Self Express in; We also allow other Melaninated Women&Girls to design their own Self Expression Tees, all Custom made to their liking! We love Melanic Tees & we hope you will love Melanic Tees  too, so much so, that we want you to add to it by creating your own!

Inspired by the lack of keenness of Today's modern fashion excluding the reflections of Indigenous/Melanic People; Melanic Tees is proud to present a Coolection of cool, unique one of a kind Self Expression Tees & body ornaments (coming soon!) designed specifically for Melaninated Women & Girls by Melanic Women. Melanic Tees was inspirit by what Melanic People exhibit, the magnificence it posses from continent to continent. The magnitude of the Creativity in culture, patterns, tribal designs, art, illustration even self expressions, Melanic Tees is here to aggrandize the presence of Indigenous Melanical People's in America Today. 

Melanic Tees was also inspired by what Melanin contributes to in the Artistic Huemanical people of hue/color - Melanin/Melanic people -, for example,
  • Consciousness and alertness  
  • Rhythmical Achievements (Dancing, Rhyming, Beat boxing, Instrumentals/Instrument Sounds/movements)
  • Strength (better bone structure, chromosome, fertility, natural labor, etc.)
  • Creativity - The ability to set world wide trends that the "Mainstream" follows & after decades still makes it back around for the new generational fashion "setters". Fashion Culture & Hairstyle trends.
  • Musical Capabilities/Influences hence  Pop = "Hip" Hip Hop & for the Music Culture & attributes.

We invite you to explore the Coolection especially if you are looking to show the world in Indigenous manners,"Look at me! I have not gone extinct, but evolved!"

Melanic Tees, Express your Melanism with Self Expression Tees!

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